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Word Actief (WA) is the SSA’s only committee and is headed by the board’s external coordinator. Each year, Word Actief works on behalf of all students of Hanze UAS with the following goal:

Word Actief strives to motivate students to become active alongside their study programme and to inform them about the possibilities.

The importance of being active alongside your study programme has increased in recent years. More and more students enter the labour market every year and being active in addition to your studies shows that you have more skills than the average student. The Word Actief tries to inform people of this by organizing a range of activities.

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Word Actief 2019-2020

Up left to right Danique Zantinge, Eva Verwij, Roy van der Wal, Yoeri Delfstra, Gideon Henstra and Charlotte de Haan

Down left to right Myrddin Minnema and Janik Langen

Function Name
Chairman Yoeri Delfstra
Secretary Danique Zantinge
Treasurer Eva Verwij
Commissioner Marketing Naomi Dissel
Commissioner Acquisition Janik Langen
Commissioner PR Myrddin Minnema
Head Events Gideon Henstra
Advisor Events Roy van der Wal