The Foundation Student Activities (SSA: Stichting Studenten Activiteiten) is the umbrella student organisation of Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen (Hanze UAS). It was founded in 1994 at the time of the merger between the Rijkshogeschool and Hanze UAS. Twenty-five years later, the foundation is well known at Hanze UAS and among all of the student organisations. A total of 37 Hanze UAS student organisations belong to the SSA. The SSA has three important tasks in the field of student participation at Hanze UAS.

Firstly, it represents the interests of the aforementioned student organisations. This includes providing support to the boards with regard to their finances, structure and committees. In addition, the SSA tries to implement its facilities policy at Hanze UAS in order for each organisation to have at least the facilities required to be able to carry out its tasks. The SSA has frequent contact with all Hanze UAS student organisations, Deans and team managers to ensure everyone understands the importance of the study associations.

A second task of the SSA comprises its dual financial responsibilities. The SSA administers the Hanze UAS Activities Fund. The organisations can request a grant from the SSA for the partial funding of a study-related activity. The SSA also considers requests for a student representative body grant from all representatives of the approved student organisations at Hanze UAS.

A third task of the SSA is to foster a more active student community at Hanze UAS. This is seen to by the SSAs only committee, called Word Actief (Become Active). So as to achieve this cultural shift, the committee drafts policy and implements it within Hanze UAS. 

To help achieve all of this, the SSA is in close touch with the Executive Board, Student Services, the Deans, the team managers, the Facilities Unit and many more departments and individuals within Hanze UAS. The SSA is also in frequent contact with external parties, such as the University of Groningen, CUOS, ACLO, Foundation KEI .

These tasks are carried out on an annual basis by six representatives who are students at Hanze UAS. Six students from different degree programs set to work under the supervision of the Supervisory Board, the Advisory Committee and Hanze UAS. 


 Supervisory Board

  • Chairman: Martine Laan
  • Secretary: Tess Nijhuis
  • Treasurer: Frank Takens
  • General member: Kay Peters


Previous boards 

Board '18 - '19

  • Chairman: Daniël Visser
  • Secretary: Jenna Elzinga
  • Treasurer: Dion Sietsma
  • Internal coordinator: Kay Peters (until march 2019)
  • External coordinator: Ties Wertheim Salomonson

Board '17 - '18  

  • Chairman: Melissa van den Bovenkamp
  • Vice-Chairman: Jordi Verhoeven
  • Secretary: Maartje Hintzen
  • Treasurer: Hannah Zantinge (untill March 2018)
  • Treasurer: Jordi Verhoeven (from March 2018)
  • Internal coordinator: Sander Klamer
  • External coordinator: Ingeborg de Roos


Board ’16 – ‘17

  • Chairman: Hielke Fokkinga
  • Secretary: Ilse Pott
  • Treasurer: Oneill Thenu
  • Internal coordinator: Femke Drent (until May 2017)
  • External coordinator: Tijmen Koppers


Board ’15 – ‘16

  • Chairman: Monique Dunnink (until December 2015)
  • Chairman: Irene Klaren (from December 2015)
  • Secretary: Irene Klaren
  • Treasurer: Daniel Hondebrink
  • Internal coordinator: Tom Harkema
  • External coordinator: Timo Koster