Hanze UAS Activities Fund

Download the documents on the Hanze UAS Activities Fund for academic year 20202021 here. For any questions about the fund, please send an email to the treasurer (penningmeester@ssa-web.nl). 

Download: [Hanze UAS Activities - 2020-2021.pdf]



Student Assistance Fund '20-'21

All representatives of academic year 20202021 can find the documentation on the Student Assistance Fund here. Please note that student organisations either fall into the category of study associations or that of other organisations. If you are not sure what kind of student organisation you belong to, contact the treasurer of the Student Activities Foundation.

Download: [Student Assistance Fund-2020-2021]

Download: [Contact details]

The application must be submitted online. The folder structure is available online.

In the board year 2020-2021, the SSA is working with BMG on a pilot to reduce the administrative burden of providing proof for the Student Assistance Fund.


Internationalisation Grant A and B

Internationalisation Grant A
The financial contribution of the SSA, awarded with the aim of providing assistance in forming or expanding a new, international student organisation.

Internationalisation Grant B

The financial contribution of the SSA, awarded with a view to stimulating internationalisation within Dutch student organisations or within international student organisations to stimulate the integration with Dutch students and thereby promote the international inclusive academic community. It's possible for several organisations to submit a joint application.

Download: [Internationalisation Grant A and B]

Form: https://fd7.formdesk.com/hanzehogeschoolgroningen/InternationalisationGrant?_ga=2.14370551.1767565046.1600670657-1866749929.1574754491


Student Charter

You can find the Student Charter below

Download: [Student Charter 2020-2021]


Other documentation 

You can find all of the other documentation below


Introductory document

The introductory document for Hanze UAS organisations can be found here:

Introductory document


Start-up document

The start-up document for Hanze UAS organisations can be found here: 

Start-up document


Staff-office document:

We are working on a translation for this document. For any questions about this document, please contact the secretary (secretaris@ssa-web.nl)

Staff-office document


General transmission document:

The General Transmission document can be found here:

General transmission document


Supporting document:

The Supporting Document for Hanze UAS organisations can be found here:

Supporting Document


Regulations of the Advisory Committee:

The SSA organises an Advisory Committee meeting twice a year. At this meeting, the board presents its policy plan or annual report, among other presentations. This meeting will take place in accordance with regulations which you can find here:



Facilities policy:

The facilities policy for Hanze UAS organisations can be found here: 

Facilities Policy .


Privacy Decleration:  

The Privacy Decleration of the SSA:

Privacy Decleration Stichting Studenten Activiteiten.