The 27th board of the Stichting Studenten Activiteiten

Function Name E-mail
Chairman Lieke Luikens
Secretary Elisa Wijngaard
Treasurer Jelle Spoor
Internal coordinator Fran den Rooijen
External coordinator Fleur Panhuis
Date Time Activity
Monday January 18th 4 PM Coffee hour 9
Tuesday January 19th 12 PM Deadline to submit input AVO 2
Tuesday January 26th 7 PM 7 PM AVO 2
Monday February 1st 12 PM Coffee hour 10
Monday February 15th 4 PM Coffee hour 11
Thursday February 18th 7.30 PM Sports activity 2
Monday March 1st 12 PM Coffee hour 12
Tuesday March 2nd 6.30 PM Workshop 4: Candidate board
Tuesday March 2nd 8 PM Workshop 5: Function related
Tuesday Marcht 9th 12 PM Deadline to submit input AVO 3
Tuesday March 9th 7 PM Workshop 6: Hanze UAS Activities Fund, Student Assistance Fund and Internationalisation Grand A and B
Monday March 15th 4 PM Coffee hour 13
Tuesday March 16th 7 PM AVO 3
Friday March 19th Board weekend (if possible)
Saturday March 20th Board weekend (if possible)
Sunday March 21st Board weekend (if possible)
Monday March 29th 12 PM Coffee hour 14
Thursday April 1st 7 PM Workshop 7: Internationalisation
Thursday April 1st 9 PM Drink 2
Monday April 12th 4 PM Coffee hour 15
Thursday April 22nd 7 PM Function outing
Monday April 26th 12 PM Coffee hour 16
Thursday April 29th 7 PM Workshop 8: To be determined
Saturday May 1st 12 PM Student Assistance Fund: Second deadline February board ’20-‘21
Saturday May 1st 12 PM Student Assistance Fund: First deadline/General conditions February board ’21-‘22
Monday May 10th 4 PM Coffee hour 17
Tuesday May 11th 12 PM Deadline to submit input AVO 4
Tuesday May 11th 7 PM Workshop 9: To be determined
Tuesday May 18th 7 PM AVO 4
Monday May 24th 12 PM Coffee hour 18
Tuesday June 1st 7.30 PM Sports activity 3: Night volleyball
Monday June 7th 4 PM Coffee hour 19
Thursday June 17th 7 PM Workshop 10: Candidate board
Thursday June 17th 9 PM Drink 3
Monday June 21st 12 PM Coffee hour 20
Tuesday June 29th 7 PM Certification
Thursday July 1st 7 PM CvA-meeting 2